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#powettothepeople – XJ



Power to the people

People with low income, pensioners, immigrants, the disabled, and the impoverished will become directly involved in the control of the city.


Housing for all

The city should itself establish a building association to build apartments for people and families who are most in need.


Down with wage slavery!

It is indefensible to build up an education and welfare system in which the staff is paid wages that don’t meet the cost of living.


Down with outsourcing

All city employees should work directly for the city and not for an employment agency or sub-contractor or in any other way that decreases benefits.


Welfare programs will be strengthened

Senior citizens and the disabled will receive the services that they require and desire so that they can live with dignity.


Class-free education and activities

All children should have the same educational opportunities and benefits regardless of the financial situation or national origin of their parents.


Effective public transport

The routes and service of the bus system must meet the needs and expectations of the people who use them.


Arnþór Sigurðsson

1. place

María Pétursdóttir

2. place

Rúnar Einarsson

3. place

Hildigunnur Þórsdóttir Saari

4. place

Alexey Matveev

5. place

Ásdís Helga Jóhannesdóttir

6. place

Eiríkur Aðalsteinsson

7. place

Edda Jóhannsdóttir

8. place

Lucyna Dybka

9. place

Elísabet Viðarsdóttir

10. place

Ágúst V. Jóhannesson

11. place

Sólveig María Þorláksdóttir

12. place

Helga Hólmfríðardóttir

13. place

Ali Conteh

14. place

Baldvin Björgvinsson

15. place

Helga Guðmundsdóttir

16. place

Kolbrún Valvesdóttir

17. place

Ída Valsdóttir

18. place

Magnea Hildur Jónsdóttir

19. place

Össur Ingi Jónsson

20. place

Jón Baldursson

21. place

Örn G. Ellingsen

22. place

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