The Socialist Party of Iceland is the political party of the Icelandic public. Its goal is a society of freedom, equality, humanity, and compassion. These goals will only be reached by bringing power to the citizens of the country.

The Socialist Party of Iceland is the party of wage earners and all those who suffer from want, invisibility and abjection. The opponents of the Socialist Party of Iceland are the capitalist class and its functionaries. The terrain of the Socialist Party of Iceland is a broad class struggle that rejects compromise and false dialogue.

In operating, the Socialist Party of Iceland emphasizes what unites the people: the injustice they are met with and their will to bring an end to it. All citizens are welcome to join forces with the party regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexual orientation.

The Socialist Party of Iceland wants social development to be guided by the interests of the public. Accordingly, the public must gain power not only over public institutions but also over the immediate community. Workplace, union, school, neighborhood, municipality, village – all these domains should be under egalitarian control where the popular interest is prioritized.

These are the initial campaign causes of the Socialist Party of Iceland:

1. Decent living conditions for all citizens, whether they are wage earners, unemployed, pensioners, students, or homemakers.

2. Access to secure and affordable housing.

3. Access to free healthcare, to free education on all levels, and to a free welfare system that meets everyone’s different needs.

4. The shortening of the work week, to improve quality of life for the people and to facilitate their active participation in shaping society.

5. Reconstruction of the tax system, with an eye to making the wealthy pay an adequate share in common expenditures but alleviating the burden of others.

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