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Power to the people

People with low income, pensioners, immigrants, the disabled, and the impoverished will become directly involved in control of the city.


Housing for all

The city should itself establish a building association to build apartments for people and families who are most in need.


No more wage slavery

It is indefensible to build up an education and welfare system in which the staff is paid wages that don’t meet the cost of living.


Down with outsourcing

All city employees should work directly for the city and not for an employment agency or sub-contractor or in any other way that decreases benefits.

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Class-free education system

All children should have the same educational opportunities and benefits regardless of the financial situation or national origin of their parents.


Effective public transport

The routes and service of the bus system must meet the needs and expectations of the people who use them.


Organizational power to the people

Contractors and capitalist speculators should not have control over city planning.  Rather, building and planning in the city should be done in cooperation with residents and should be in line with their interests and expectations.


Hlynur Már Vilhjálmsson

4. place

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir

6. place

Reinhold Richter

7. place

Klaudia Janina Migdal

8. place

Laufey Líndal Ólafsdóttir

9. place

Natalie Gunnarsdóttir

10. place

Styrmir Guðlaugsson

11. place

Kristbjörg Eva Andersen Ramos

12. place

Erna Hlín Einarsdóttir

13. place

Hólmsteinn A. Brekkan

14. place

Elsa Björk Harðardóttir

15. place

Jón Kristinn Cortez

16. place

Ella Esther Routley

17. place

Pálína Sjöfn Þórarinsdóttir

18. place

Þórður Alli Aðalbjörnsson

19. place

Ósk Dagsdóttir

20. place

Reynir Jónasson

22. place

Friðrik Boði Ólafsson

23. place

Guðrún Elísabet Bentsdóttir

24. place

Ynda Gestsson

25. place

Anna Eðvarðsdóttir

27. place

Luciano Dutra

28. place

Leifur Aðalgeir Benediktsson

29. place

Ævar Þór Magnússon

30. place

Ragnheiður Ásta Pétursdóttir

31. place

Ellen Kristjánsdóttir

32. place

Kristján Hafsteinsson

33. place

Auður Traustadóttir

34. place

María Gunnlaugsdóttir

36. place

Sigrún Unnsteinsdóttir

37. place

Bogi Reynisson

38. place

Eggert Lárusson

39. place

Vilhelm G. Kristinsson

40. place

Hildur Oddsdóttir

41. place

Sigríður Kolbrún Guðnadóttir

42. place

Magnús Bjarni Skaftason

43. place

Guðmundur Erlendsson

44. place

Benjamín Julian Plaggenborg

45. place

Haukur Arnþórsson

46. place

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